Why You Might Need to See A Throat Specialist – Healthy Huntington


essing game at times. Ogden Regional Medical Center’s Dr. Nadim Bikizi explains when you should see a specialist with regards to the ear, nose and throat.

The ear, nose and throat specialist must be considered when patients have talked to their primary doctor and has exhausted all alternatives for medical treatment. At Ogden Clinic Ogden clinic, physicians perform what Dr. Bikhazi refers to as “minimally interventional surgical procedures”. They address a variety of issues for example, hearing loss, obstruction, repeated child ear infections as well as chronic sinus conditions as well as thyroid issues, and numerous other. They treat two common issues: sleep apnea and sleep apnea.

One primary problem with the ear, nose and throat treatments is that they fail to concentrate on the primary reason for a patient’s visit. Primary care providers cover multiple medical concerns that it’s hard to pinpoint the most important matter. In the field of the ear, nose and throat care, these specialists can concentrate on the main issue more easily than in the field of primary care.

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