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The Benefits of Building a Custom Home

Custom home construction

Did you know that when building a custom home, you are in control of the layout, lot size, and accessibility of the house? When working with custom luxury home builders, you have a say in every decision that gets made. As a result, building new homes is beneficial for a variety of reasons.

Luxury new homes are suitable for nearly anyone. People with special needs, for example, are good candidates for custom homes. Whether people with special needs require wheelchair ramps, chair lifts, bathtub railings, or walk-in bathtubs, they are able to acquire everything they need in order to live more efficiently. Custom homes are appropriate for people who want to build “aging in place” houses, as well, because they give consumers the option of living in a home of their choice for as long as possible.


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Get Help From a Defense Base Act Attorney

Longshore harbor workers compensation

Did you know there is a program that is similar to workers compensation that provides benefits to longshoremen, maritime workers, and other such job classifications? This program is part of the Defense Base Act. This benefits program is also known as the Division of Longshore and Harbor Workers Compensation Program.

This compensation program covers and provides benefits to certain classifications of civilians who are employed on military facilities on foreign locations. There are many different workers and eligibility requirements that may need the services of a Defense Base Act attorney. The Defense Base Act is part of the Merchant Seaman Protection and Relief Act of 1920. This federal Act was designed to provide benefits similar to workers compensation for people who may be injured or

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Mother’s Helper Child Care in Salt Lake City UT


Mother’s Helper Child Care

5875 S 1300 E

Salt Lake City, UT 84121


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We offer full-time and part-time child care for children age 6 weeks to 12 years, and enjoy the knowledge, dedication and experience of our wonderful long term employees and staff!

Heating Furnace Repair

Central air conditioning repair

Taking care of your heating furnace, air conditioning system, and plumbing can be your most important and costly household duties. Climate control and plumbing have actually been around for millennia, but in the past century, both have greatly advanced technologically, making their maintenance more complex and important. Plumbing has been around since about 2750 BC, and the word “plumbing” actually comes from the Latin word for lead, since most pipes in Roman times were made from lead, rather than copper.

Heating and cooling units for homes are a fairly modern invention. The cooling window unit was actually invented in the 1930s, but it took much lo

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Finding Home in Utah’s Dixie

The palisades homes for sale

Falling in love with with a fly over state, like Utah, might seem like an outlandish idea. But only until you have landed there yourself. This same perspective is especially true of the Utah’s Dixie, St. George, Utah. St. George is the oasis of hollywood lore. Upon touching down, the first thing anyone would notice about St. George is how green it is. This little city’s big oasis offers all of the extreme recreation that a seasoned rock climber or horse back rider could ask for, while providing 21st century amenities like golf courses, fine dining, spas and luxury homes.

After realizing that canyoneering and theater are just the beginning of what St. George has to offer, many are glad they chose not to fly over. In fact, some are so glad, they decide to stay. Located in the southwest corner

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