Seo, What You Are Getting into and How It Can Help


If you are not a tech marketing genius or not into technology at all then you may not have heard about SEO, private label SEO, or of how SEO can effect your business. Or perhaps SEO is the term that you have heard floats around like whispers during a game of telephone. So this article is meant for you, the SEO newbie who just wants some answer – straight up and not even on ice.

SEO, as it is called in the biz stands for Search Engine Optimization.

Pretty simple stuff right? Right.

SEO was once a term that meant someone out there was writing nonsense based on how Google finds search results. Why Google? Google is head shoulders and knees above the competition for internet search engines. If you are going to optimize for search engine results, be sure that you are optimizing for a search engine people use. Google ranks its finds and places the best finds on the first page of search results and the worst somewhere, well we have never seen that place before. The truth is that most people do not scan beyond the first few pages of their search results.

So businesses started paying for search results. These bought out results are the ones that show at the top of your search results page.

Then people caught on. They realized companies in that up top space were selling to them and the ones below were trying to help them. About 80% of people say that they either do not click on sponsored search results, or they make an effort to avoid them. The preference of finding organic search results occurring naturally from keyword queries is what has generated the significance of SEO. SEO gets webpages to the top of results without being sponsored.

So what is happening today in the wide world of SEO?

Private label SEO companies are also called white label SEO, or refer to the practice of redoing a companies internet presence as white labeling. These private label SEO companies will work with businesses to structure a marketing plan around attracting customers based on key word results. However, that is not all they will do. Social media has become a linchpin subject for private label SEO. This is because a vast number of people who are active on social media are the very same people that look for services online. Furthermore, those same people will share their online finds with their online friends.

Now SEO resellers are creating everything from blog entries to full on press releases, videos, comic strips and virtually any other content you can think of. Not only is private label SEO meant to be found it is meant to be shared. After all the only thing better than a paying customer is a customer that will pay to advertise for you. Online purchases are going up more and more each year. Currently 64% of smartphone users say they are using their phones to shop online. In coming years this numbers is projected only to grow.

Often using SEO can lead businesses to want to rebrand or optimize their web presence. This is not a bad idea. In fact it is a great one if your SEO records show that you are getting a lot of clicks but are not having traffic move further through your website than the first page they clicked on. Web design resellers can help with this problem just as SEO resellers can help with generating content.

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