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Radiation protection products

Since X rays were first discovered in 1895 by Wilhelm Roentgen, medical imaging technology has become an integral part of the medical and other industries. Within the same year in which they were discovered, X rays were immediately put to a medical use. They were used for dental imaging. Since this time, a wide array of imaging technologies has been created, which includes fluoroscopy, ultrasound, PET scans, MRIs, and others. Imaging technology has advanced so much that X rays have been used to find earlier versions of the Mona Lisa that were painted over. PACS vendors can help to supply equipment and accessories that facilitate the use of imaging technologies.

However advanced an imaging technology is, it is not very useful if the images it generates are not displayed properly. PACS vendors sell a variety of computers and other equipment, like PACS monitors, that can turn a diagnostic image generated by one of these technologies into a high quality diagnostic image that help medical personnel to identify problems existing within their patients. Modern imaging systems can help physicians to diagnose very small abnormalities, but an old, grainy monitor can take away this advantage. PACS workstations sold by PACS vendors can help good diagnostic equipment stay up to date with advances in monitors and computing technologies.

Part of using some imaging technologies, especially X rays, unfortunately includes harmful exposure to radiation generated by the imaging equipment. However, this exposure can be limited with the right equipment. PACS vendors also often sell X ray accessories, like lead glasses and lead aprons, to help radiation workers stay safe from the constant exposure to the radiation that their jobs expose them to. Part of running a good medical operation for your patients is preventing your business and equipment from causing new health problems. Check out this site for more.

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