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Need Better Sales Reps?

Executive search

Hiring sales reps is not an easy task. Though the best sales people are out there and looking for positions, they are cleverly hidden among those who are less talented. Many a business has wasted valuable time interviewing less than stellar candidates, sometimes to come out the other side without even one standout. That’s why thousands of corporations choose to work with recruitment agencies to narrow the pool and find sales people who are really worth hiring.

For those working with a headhunter sales representatives are much easier to come by. Headhunters locate potential candidates, screen them for suitability, prepare them for interviews, help negotiate salary, and conduct closure to the search, usu

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From Breaking News to Baseball Updates, Your Local Station Has the Coverage

When they tune into channel 4 news St Louis MO residents get balanced coverage that ranges from hard news to sports to weather and more.

KMOV 4 News, affiliated with CBS, airs original programming multiple times a day, from its early morning program that starts before 5 p.m. to its evening newscasts at 5, 6, and 10 p.m. No matter what your schedule may be, Ch 4 News offers coverage when you need it. This accessibility goes beyond its on air news to the abundance of articles available on its St Louis Missouri news website. In addition to regularly posted videos and a section devoted to community news and updates, the site has individual pages dedicated to traffic, entertainment, sports, which covers everything from the MLB Cardinals and the NHL Blues to area college and high school sports, and even automotive news for the car fan.

Also, whether you need the latest Channel 4 school closings so that you can prepare your children for the day ahead, or you cannot proceed with your eveni

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When You Can No Longer Live Together

Phoenix divorce lawyers

Divorce lawyers in arizona have been in business for some time now. The reason is not that Arizona has a much higher rate of divorce than any other state. The reason is because Western jurisdictions were some of the first to grant no fault divorce, which allowed people to divorce without any proof of fault by either party.

Arizona divorce lawyers have been fairly common for that reason. Marriage is complicated. Typically, a woman loses a standard of living of around 27 percent while a man will gain a standard of living of around 10 percent after getting married. This is to say that when

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Protecting America’s Maritime Workers

Longshore harbor workers compensation

Workers’ compensation is a detailed field that becomes important to thousands of Americans every year. Not included in those thousands, however, are seamen and other maritime workers who are covered under completely different laws including the Merchant Marine Act of 1920, the Longshore and Harbor Workers Compensation Act, and the Defense Base Act. In this article, we’ll review the basics of each law.

The Merchant Marine Act of 1920

Aptly named, the Merchant Marine Act was adopted in June 1920 and formalized the rights of seamen. Specifically, it allows injured sailors to make claims and collect from their employers for the negligence of the ship owner, captain, or fellow crew members. Because of the institution of the Jones Act, section 27 of the Merchant Marine Act, o

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Getting the Right Management Software for Your Project

Project resource manageament

Engineering and construction projects can get very complicated very fast. You can run into budget overruns long before you realize it, so what can you do? Luckily, there is now a wide variety of options for project management software for construction.

Construction project management software offers a distinct competitive edge to EPCM organizations and contractors. The best options available are cloud based, which allows instant access to the latest information from any device anywhere. With it, you can easily estimate, change management, handle procurement, track projects, manage earned values, and bill clients to name a few advantages. Project cost management software utilizes its real time dashboards and reports to let you not only manage your costs, but your revenues and cash flow as well, l

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