Help Is Possible For IRS Tax Problems

Help with irs tax problems

The IRS, or Internal Revenue Service, is responsible for collecting taxes. There are estate taxes, income taxes, payroll taxes and even taxes on goods. For example, in Chicago if soda comes in a bottle it is taxed at nine percent but if it comes in a can it is taxed at three percent. In 1787 the United States Constitution authorized the government to collect taxes. It also required that some tax revenues be given to the states in proportion to the population. Tax problem resolution is not impossible.

If you have IRS tax problems you must take action quickly and efficiently to solve your problems. The most feared weapon to those with serious tax debt problems is the tax levy. A tax levy is when the IRS legally seizes your property to resolve tax problems. For this to occur, the IRS must seek permission from a federal magistrate.

Another way the IRS handles tax problems is with wage garnishment. Wage garnishment is when money is deducted from an individuals payroll to satisfy a tax debt.

An employer who fires an employee to avoid handling a levy commits a criminal offense. This is punishable by imprisonment and fines up to 1,000 dollars on the employer.

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