the IRS and You

Irs tax problem

if you pay taxes you can honestly say you have had IRS tax problems. getting help with IRS problems is more simple now as our economy has evolved. at one time though it was as big a hassle as it normally is.

hundreds of years ago when our founding fathers had written the constitution they implemented a program that allowed the federal government to collect taxes and at times lay them on the people. its not all bad as majority of that revenue was given to states based on their population to help with state costs and other municipal tasks.

IRS tax problems were not much of a threat until they had created the Federal Reserve in 1920 which would stand almost like our countries bank. all the countries revenue in taxes and in gold would be held here and distributed properly by our government. this was our countries financial backing.

when they wrote the constitution it wasn’t mandatory that the states propose a tax on its citizens this was a decision they felt could be made by the heads of state in their respective states. as of today only 43 of our 50 states implement some sort of income tax on its citizens. Florida is one of those states. making it a desirable destination for most people.

fast forward to today and Irs tax problems are all to common for people. getting help with irs tax problems is more convenient today than before.

the most displeasing part of taxes are when your paying your federal taxes because the percentage taken from you changes depending on your income or if the government decides it has to raise taxes. most percentages start at or around 10 percent and in the most severe of times can increase to or around 40 percent .

IRS tax problems surround us and even just 15 years ago it seemed like the process would never get easier. and in 1989 the IRS was able to make it possible for 36 states to efile their taxes instead of always sending by mail and having to wait 4 to 6 weeks. by 1990 everyone in the country could efile their taxes.

problems with IRS are still ongoing in our country today. Irs tax problems are just one of the many hurdles we face as American citizens. it would be a crime to see citizens losing their possessions.

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