What Happens in a Consultation With an Orthodontist – Dental Hygiene Association


If you’re planning to see an orthodontist soon Here’s what to be expecting at your initial appointment.

The purpose of an orthodontic appointment is to allow you to feel at ease as a patient. When you get there, you should plan out a list of questions to inquire about with your dentist. Ask about the cost of treatment, duration as well as any concerns you might have.

At the time of your visit, the orthodontist will require you to submit a paperwork form as well as take some x-rays and then examine the inside of your mouth. They’ll then design an appropriate treatment plan that meets your individual needs. This will allow you to schedule another appointment, if the plan is successful.

In this visit the orthodontist will snap pictures of your mouth before installing your braces. Many patients get braces on both the bottom and top teeth however, you might only get either one or both depending upon your particular needs.

You will get straighter teeth when there isn’t any issue in the course of treatment.


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