What Happens During Small Dent Repair? – SCHUMM

G carts, car doors or golf club. It is the result of a tiny recess or bulge that appears on the exterior of your car. Technicians may employ tools first to take off any paint that is left behind in order to identify the location where repair is possible to be done.

After the technician has removed the paint, they are able to work on the metal. By using a dolly and hammer, the technician pushes out any metal from the center of the cut. He also pulls it in a slant towards him. The process helps stretch bends and creases on your vehicle’s body panels, as well as restores their original appearance.

Once this procedure is finished After that, a repair professional will make use of the battering ram in order to take away any remaining dent or wrinkles on your car’s body panels. The technician will work slowly over all four sides the dent until it is removed. The technician can apply touch-up paint over any scratch or marks that remain, but could apply two coats primer for maximum adhesion.


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