What Does a Vision Therapist Do? – Sales Planet

therapy.” Vision therapy, in the words of optometrists, is an effort to increase visual comfort effectiveness, and comfort as well as to modify the processing, or the interpretation of images.

If you are under supervision, the workouts of an optometric rehabilitation program can be done in your home or at the office of a doctor over months to weeks. It is also possible to do exercises using balancing boards and electronic targets.

Many people can greatly benefit from vision therapists. Research has proven that children who are dyslexic are affected by the ocular motility and coordination, as well as visual processing. Vision therapists can treat patients of any age, regardless of educational level or their health.

A thorough eye examination conducted by an experienced ophthalmologist who has extensive experience in treating and evaluation of kids is a good idea to ensure that there aren’t any eye or vision problems. Some of these children may also have learning difficulties or reading problems.

You want to know more about the profession of vision therapy? This video will give you the facts. v98143b59t.

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