Tuning Up Your Lawn Mower – Carpet Cleaning Fort Dodge

Three of the most important components in the mower tune-up are the spark plug, oil and air filter. The three components must all be replaced. It is possible to find all the required parts and supplies at home and hardware centers.

The first step is to change the oil. In order to warm the oil, drive the engine for at least a couple of minutes. Then stop the engine, take out the drain plug and drain the oil that was used (tilt the mower back to empty it and then, if needed). If you need to, replace the drain plug. It is recommended to fill the mower with the oil so it can be seen through the oil fill hole.

Clean air filters can help keep the correct fuel/air ratio and allow the mower to use less fuel. Replace the filter. Do not make purchases last minute by having everything prepared ahead of time. Here’s what you will need:
– Cleaner for the air
– Engine oil
– Spark plug htx9t7o6so.

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