The Right Art for the Right Space

Living room artwork

Your living room is your sanctuary. It’s where you go after a hard day’s work. It’s where you relax with your family. It’s where you entertain friends and guests. It should speak to your sense of style. Living room artwork can make or break the vibe of a living room, depending on whether it goes with the furniture or not. Luckily, many furniture stores and dealers sell wall art for living rooms right along side couches and loveseats, so you can get a good idea of how they go together before you get home. Here are some tips to maximize your sanctuary.

  • The Style. Choose more complicated or ornate wall art for living rooms with older styles of furniture. A Jackson Pollack print above a traditional Victorian couch may be a tough sell, visually. Likewise, choose stark and modern wall art for more straightforward, clean-lined furniture, in order to tie it all together for the eye. Leather ottomans? Aim for a rustic feel for the artwork.
  • The Color. Choosing your colors is a good idea to do before you buy your furniture, but is not always practical to find affordable living room furniture in the exact shade or texture you want. A good rule of thumb for colors is: pick two similar hues (like a slate blue and a light blue) and one accent color (such as a deep red or a burnt orange). Your accent color can be an entire wall, your coffee and end table sets, or simply in a few well-placed throw pillows.
  • The Space. Never be afraid to let the space speak for itself. If you have a large wall, try not to fill it with art or photos or shelves. Painting that wall the warmest hue in your palette will have a calming effect on the entire space. And remember, too, that not all wall art for living rooms are paint-on-canvas. Bronze or cast-iron outlines of nature or abstract shapes can add variety and depth without standing out.

These are just general design guidelines. Ultimately, how you decide to decorate will be up to you, on what pleases your eye, and helps you feel at home. After all, it’s your space. Read more.

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