What Do Montessori Schools Teach? – E-BREAKING NEWS


Concepts more efficiently

They were taught to take care of their environment as well as how to dress. The children were given the opportunity to explore the material. Maria Montessori observed that children engaged in the same activity over and over again as well as having long concentration levels.

The choice of toys meant that children became more engaged in practical and material tasks than the usual toys. This taught kids self-control. Being independent taught kids self-motivation. The ideas were widely spread throughout the world and inspired other educators and progressive thinkers. The most popular Montessori concepts are:

Free movement in class, liberty to decide what you want to learn Specialized materials Mixed age classes without homework or grading

Maria Montessori’s aim was to teach children to develop into independent, responsible adults and many adult success stories have been forged from the Montessori school.


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