Ultimate Guide for Devices for Graft Delivery – Code Android

Deliveries are utilized to transfer autografts and allografts from locations for orthopedic surgery. They’re built to optimize material utilization and are available with vented or non-vented options. It is an all-in-one configuration, which makes it easier to ship and facilitates storage. Vented configurations make use of air vents that saturate and hydrate materials. Contrarily, non-ventilated configurations allow materials to be pre-filled without the need to hydrate.

devices for graft delivery that have tapered caps and large bore cannulas permit you to remove high-viscosity bone tissue. Numerous sizes of cannulas, which range from 5cm – 10cm- 15cm, allow to transfer graft material specific surgical locations. Some vented configurations contain female Luer adapters which connect to ordinary syringes used to hydrate. In order to ensure uniform and consistent distribution of liquids within the materials, it is possible to pair a the graft-delivery device with a tube that can be used as an alternative.

Devices that are suitable for graft implantation are equipped with large finger flanges that allow to use one hand with better grasp. To learn more about customizing our delivery tools, get in touch with experts.


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