Sometimes Giving the Customer What They Want is Just What You Need

Credit card processing fee

As a business owner, you probably realize that there is a fine line between having your needs met, and providing convenience to your customers or clients. In 2007, electronic bill payments started to surpass the use of regular checks. The world is moving very quickly towards using the internet for all aspects of commerce. Whatever your business, if you accept payments, you should seek out card processing solutions to keep up with the trend towards online payment processing. In the long run it will be easier for your customers, and easier for you.

  • Making it easier for your customers.
  • Did you know that approximately 42% of people purchasing items with their mobile devices are between the ages of 25 and 44, and they are appreciative of the ability to have their payments processed online? If you accept multiple types of payments, and multiple types of credit cards, or if you store credit card information, you can have a much more user friendly online payment system. Depending on your business activities, it may be worthwhile to allow your customers to make payments for themselves via a portal. This is recommended if your customers are generally technologically savvy.

  • Making it easier for your company.
  • Processing online payments will be easier if you seek out merchant account services. Payment processing companies can partner with you by providing Software As a Service, or Saas. When selecting Saas from a processor, try to consider start up costs, monthly costs, customer service ratings, and what features they provide.

    For example, you will not need mobile payment solutions from your merchant account services if you only need to accept payments from the office, called in, or completed online. Additionally, if you are accepting payments primarily online you probably will not need a Point of Sale, or P.O.S. terminal, credit card swiper, or pin pad.

    Imagine not having to bring a stack of checks to the bank, because you are accepting online payments instead. Online payments are based in the Cloud, which is that intangible online environment. Generally, when activities occur in the Cloud, they allow for cost reduction, quicker time to market, and an improvement in the quality of transaction processing.

    Processing credit cards is an important part of giving your customers the ability to pay how they would prefer to, and opening up your organization to receiving payments more easily. Consider merchant account services to help you join the rest of businesses in taking advantage of all that online technology has to offer.


  1. I am just reluctant to lose a portion of the revenue to processing fees. Checks do not have processing fees.

  2. Can anyone recommend a good SaaS provider for merchant account services?

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