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There are numerous methods you can take to stop razor burns and Ingrown hairs from happening again. Razor bumps can cause irritation to the skin and are commonly result of shaving. They cause itchy, pimple-filled bumps that are painful on the skin when hair starts to grow back.

Aloe vera is known to treat burns by soothing and healing. Aloe vera is proven to be beneficial in the treatment of first-degree and second-degree burns, according to research conducted in 2007. Apply a small amount of pure aloevera gel on the area damaged to help heal razorburn. The almond kernels dried out are made into sweetness almond oil. It’s extremely emollient and is the perfect natural moisturizer. After shaving, apply sweet almond oil directly to the skin. You can also apply it directly to inflamed skin as required. Baking soda is cooling effect on skin. Although there is no evidence for this but it is believed that baking soda could draw out heat and pain. Make a mixture of baking soda, by mixing filtered water to baking soda until it becomes a paste. Spread the paste onto your skin, and allow it to remain until the skin is dry, and then clean it well. lgc1j7bbih.

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