Realistic Auto Body Damage in iRacing – Car Talk Podcast

The speed of your car. Racing is a passion that is now spreading to the internet. Everyday, thousands of races are held on iRacing. It’s an extremely real simulation. Each track and car is expertly designed by hand. The game is designed to take surface temperature along with weather and collision damage into account. In this video, you’ll learn know more about the realistic collisions of iRacing.

The sport of motorsport is famous for its accidents. However, auto body repairs may be pricey. Indeed, they could cost millions of dollars when racing professional race cars. However, accidents that occur in iRacing are not affected by this exact matter. iRacing crashes cost nothing. A driver will have to wait to wait for the virtual pit crew to restore their vehicle in the event that they’re involved in a severe accident. The team behind iRacing have put so much effort into the damage system. Anything can occur, from tire failure in fitting properly on the car’s Hood. It is truly incredible how far the technology has advanced.


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