In the Case of Missing Teeth, Getting Dental Implants May Be Best – Dentist Offices

real tooth and is put in place of a missing tooth. Implants are a great solution to replace a damaged tooth. This is one advantage of implant dentistry. Implants are also able to provide improved chewing and stability for neighboring teeth, in addition to keeping the jawbone from shrinking.

For a dental implant, certain conditions must be met. In order to support dental implants the person must have good gums. Incorporating bone for dental implants is known as the bone graft. It increases the volume of bone where loss has taken place. The addition of bone to the gums or even adding bone to the jaw for implants is necessary in order to secure and steadily hold those dental implants.

Dentists may recommend a bone graft if the bone is not deep, dense, or broad enough to accommodate the implant. The loss of bone is significant in the event that a tooth has gone absent, making it imperative to use a the graft.

Dental dentists will conduct x-rays as well as scans of your body and make impressions of your jaws and teeth to determine if you can benefit from dental implant treatment. The treatment plan will be developed and you’ll be informed about the best course of action. 1rlw52fjvk.

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