If a Family Member Is in Jail, You May Want to Visit Via Video Technology

Prison reallocation of resources

Do you have a relative who is currently in prison, and you’d like to visit in a way that is more convenient? Are you a doctor who would like to interact with your patient while he or she is in jail, but you are concerned about the risk associated with prison medical visits? Perhaps there are children in your family who would like to visit with their relative, but you have reservations about bringing them to a prison environment. In any of these cases, inmate video visitation systems may be wise and efficient.

A virtual visitation
system can be beneficial to others beyond the approximately 0.7% of American adults who are in prison, their family members, and their physicians. These visits can allow an attorney to plan more efficiently and effectively when mounting a defense for his or her client. The utilitarian uses of this technology are evidenced by the distance learning sessions, video arraignments and pleas, and virtual doctor’s visits. This kind of videoconferencing is already used in other industries, and it makes sense that it would be used in these cases as well.

Furthermore, prison video visitation allows the detention facilities themselves to limit the number of visitors. The personnel given control over the video session are able to facilitate, oversee, take part in, and end a live video session through the use of command keys.

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