How to Pick Out a Wedding Band – Consumer Review

It is of Brilliant Earth with the help by Amanda her jewelry advisor. A sample of the different materials they work with is provided for them to examine first. Brilliant earth offers a selection of rings with different finishes which include polished and matte.

The man’s wedding band, they then ask for a wedding band they saw on the Brilliant Earth website. The wedding band is available with two color options both gold and silver. She shares her dream of stacking her wedding rings. The woman says that although she does not want to draw all the attention off of the main stone, she wants the extra sparkle typically achieved by stacking.

It took them two hours to look through and trying out different wedding rings before finally finding the one that was right for the pair. If you purchase your wedding band from Brilliant Earth, you have the option of 60 days for resizing and a 30-day allowance to exchange. That means that you’re able to take wedding bands on a trial to find best one for you.

Libby concludes by praising Brilliant Earth’s customer support. qlzwo1mult.

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