How to Fix Neck and Shoulder Pain – Health and Fitness Tips

ly glancing down at your phone can strain the neck muscles and could cause pain. If you frequently use your mobile device, you should consider one suggestions on how to fix shoulder and neck pain and relieve the strain:

1. It’s not recommended to keep your phone in between your shoulder and the ear.


2. Make sure you disconnect your phone regularly.

3. Change your posture if suffer from chronic pain.

4. Move your muscles after having finished using your phone to help the muscles to relax.

5. Do not drive without taking breaks during long durations.

Pay attention during and after driving

Sitting behind the wheel of a car can harm your neck in the exact same way that sitting at a desk for a long time could. Here are some tips for keeping your neck from stiffness if you have to drive the car for extended times:

Relax during breaks. Set an alarm to ensure that you know when it is time you need to end your stretch.

Be sure to make sure the seat you are using is correctly set. It will provide you with maximum support and the most comfortable posture.

While driving, texting isn’t recommended. Constantly checking the status of your cellphone to the road is illegal, dangerous, and harmful to your neck.

Alter your sleeping position: The most crucial thing you can do for your well-being is getting enough sleep.

Sleeping in the correct position

Your sleeping position could affect the condition of the neck. As opposed to lying on your stomach, sleeping with your back or on your side reduces the strain on your neck. But, when you sleep on your side your cervical spine and the thoracic position are crucial for the management of back and neck pain.

Neck pain can be worsened in a position where you are lying back, with your head looking up and the dominant hand raised above your head. To ensure optimal alignment, you should to sleep on your side and use a pillow.


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