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F roofs.
The roof with gable is found on many homes. It is one of the most well-known roof styles. It also looks like one of the most simple to build. On both edges of the ceiling place a post. The posts are connected by a ridge at the top. Fix roof rafters long enough to reach an ridge of the roof from the top plate at the lower end of the ceiling. The roof’s design permits you to collect rainwater easily.
Even though they look alike However, the hip roof is distinct from the gable. The posts on the hip roof sit towards the center of the ceiling. Attach the beams to the ceiling from the roof ridge.
The Barnyard roof The Gambrel roof could also be called “the Barnyard roof”. It has the appearance of a different room. over the upper plate. Also, you can build a mansard roof or flat roof on your house. yes5w14mxe.

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