Have You Been Charged With a DUI, DWI, or OVI?

Penalty for drunk driving

Is a DUI a felony? Driving with alcohol in your system can put you and others in danger, so if you have been charged with a DUI, DWI, or OVI, it is important to seek help from a drunk driving attorney. You face serious punishments by committing any of these crimes, so in order to avoid them, it is important to get the proper legal help.

A conviction of a drunk driving charge can result in the loss of driving privileges, as well as significant fines. In Ohio, for example, fines for an OVI typically range between $250-$1000, and a DUI offense in Ohio can result in license suspension for six months to three years. In addition, your license may be suspended even before your Administrative License Suspension hearing, which comes after your drunk driving conviction. Although drunk driving has many consequences, is a DUI a felony?

Drunk driving, in many states, is considered to be a misdemeanor unless another person was injured or killed as a result of your drunk driving, in which case the charge would be raised to a felony. However, in some cases, a drunk driving lawyer may be able to lessen your charge. Even after you have already submitted to a blood alcohol content test, a drunk driving defense attorney can help you challenge the results. Additionally, an experienced drunk driving lawyer will help protect your rights and limit the consequences you face.

Drunk driving is a serious offense, and if you have been charged with a DUI, DWI, or OVI, it is important to seek legal help right away. But is a DUI a felony? Drunk driving can result in fines and license suspension, but it is usually only considered a felony if you injure another person. By seeking assistance from a drunk driving attorney, however, all your legal rights will be protected in order to ensure that you are not punished unfairly.

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