A Tow Truck Can Rescue You in an Emergency

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We really do not give much thought to the tow truck, until we are in need of one when we find ourselves on the side of the road. Take a look at some of the interesting facts about tow trucks. Ernest Holmes, Sr., of Chattanooga, Tennessee in 1916, invented the tow truck. The towing industry employs approximately 60,073 people throughout the United States. There are some cities or states that require tow truck drivers to have a special tow truck license. This license is typically having a valid non commercial drivers license, plus the payment of a fee.

These vehicles and their drivers are a crucial part of highway incident management. You can see them work to clean up after an accident. These efforts help get highways or roads open after an accident. They play an important role in keeping freeways and highways free of debris. They are also essential to parking enforcement. There are a number of businesses that rely on flatbed tow trucks to ensure that only their customers are using their parking lots. Towing services are also on hand during special events. During these events, many cars are going to be at a particular location, and so many may be parked illegally or in a hazardous manner. The services provided by tow trucks and their drivers maintain the proper parking procedures.

Additionally, on a more personal side, you may find yourself needing a tow because of a breakdown. There is nothing more frustrating that standing on the side of the road with a broken car. Tow trucks can help by getting your car to your mechanic, as well as getting you there as well. Technologies used by many companies can help you get these services as quickly as possible. A tow truck business may employ automatic vehicle location, or AVL, systems. This system allows the dispatch staff to know where the nearest truck is to you or other stranded motorists.

It is actually a good feeling know that if you need a tow truck, it is basically a phone call away. Many people have their local towing san jose company in the contact list of their phones, so they can make that call instantly.


  1. I was stranded once, and it took quite a while to find a company, so now I have several in my contacts.

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