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Plummeting Sales and Profits? Your Advertising May Be to Blame


Did you know that as many as 70% of business owners admitted that they devote only three hours a week, or less, to email marketing? Bad advertising can put your entire company at risk. Do not let your sales or profits plummet. Give internet marketing, including email marketing, the time and attention they deserve, or your company will suffer the consequences. How can you keep things looking up for your business, especially online?

Inexpensive, and Effective, Ad Placement

The best seo tips suggest a holistic approach, meaning that it is okay and, even smart, to have some paid advertising. PPC, or pay per click, advertising was first conceptualized by in 1998, and today it is among the most successful,

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Your Manufacturer Website Can Bring in New Business

3d modeling web design

Having an effective website can be a key part of your overall marketing plan. It does not seem so long ago that we entered the world of the Internet. In fact, it was only August 6, 1991 when the first website went live online. It is certain that this website looked a lot different than our current day sites. Only a few years later in 1995 both and eBay, originally known as Echo Bay made their premieres.

If you are considering a new manufacturer website, you probably know that we have come along way from the early days. We expect speed and quick loading pages. We no longer feel that we need to wait much longer than a couple of seconds for a page on a manufacturer website or a product website to completely load. In fact, 23 percent of online shoppers attribute dissatisfaction to slowly loadi

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