X Rays Are Both Beneficial and Dangerous

Medical grade computers

Using X rays to see non uniformly composed material of the sort making up the human body is known as radiography. Radiographers currently often use other imagine techniques as well, such as fluoroscopy, computed tomography, mammography, ultrasound, nuclear medicine, and magnetic resonance imaging, or MRI as it is also known, as well.

X ray technology is quite powerful, which is why they must be used in conjunction with radiation protection products. X rays have demonstrated that below the finished version of the famous painting, the Mona Lisa, there are two previously created versions. As well, Wilhelm Rontgen took an X ray photograph of the hand of his wife, which clearly revealed her wedding ring and her bones, just one week after discovering the X ray. The very first dental X ray took place in 1895, the very same year it was invented.

To be able to harness the power of x rays for medical and dental purposes is highly beneficial. However, it must also be said that X rays can be dangerous due to the amount of radiation involved. Therefore, it is necessary to use radiation protection products and x ray accessories such as lead aprons and lead glasses in order to make sure one does not get radiation poisoning. Xray accessories like leaded glasses help to keep people safe.

Radiation protection products are used by techs and radiologists. A radiologist is a medical doctor who specializes in Radiology, which is the field of medicine devoted to interpreting medical images and performing imaging procedures. Radiation protection products are mandatory as a means of creating a hazard free radiography operation.

When radiographs were first invented, they were known as roentgenograms. This name, however, did not stick.What has stuck, however, is the use of radiation protection products. These radiation protection products keep people safe while they benefit from the information that X rays provide.

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