What Your Online Marketing Strategy Needs

Mobile marketing

The world of online marketing has never been more important to America’s businesses. Pew Internet estimates that 58% of people have gone online to research a service or product and that 41% of business to consumer companies have acquired a customer on Facebook. Leads and sales have become majorly reliant on the internet, and there are a vast number of services under the “online marketing” umbrella that can boost online visibility and help businesses grow.

SEO Content Marketing

SEO is certainly one of the darlings of the online marketing world. It’s all about increasing organic rankings on search engines, thereby drawing more traffic to a site. Users are more likely to click on organic (non-paid) link and also more likely to choose from the first page of relevant results. Through content marketing, the creation of relevant, keyword-rich content, sites can, over time, boost their search engine rankings and draw more viewers to their sites.

PPC Marketing

PPC stands for pay per click, a form of advertising in which the company placing an online advertisement only pays when a user actually clicks on the ad. Though PPC is sometimes knocked by SEO champions, the two strategies can actually coexist very well in an online marketing strategy. PPC can be a great way to test out keywords before incorporating them into an SEO campaign, and can be used to target keywords that are too competitive for organic ranking. PPC is also useful because it gets quick results. SEO can take months or years to increase rankings, but PPC can give reliable traffic flow for a predictable amount of money in the short term.

Website Design

A well-designed website is essential to an online marketing plan. There’s no point in enticing users to visit your page using SEO and PPC if you can’t keep them there. Users only explore a site for about ten seconds before deciding if it deserves their business, so sites must be easy to navigate and aesthetically pleasing. Many users are also accessing sites on mobile devices and will quickly abandon a site that is not mobile friendly. A responsive website goes a long way in keeping visitors on your site.

Social Media

We pointed out earlier that many businesses have gained customers through Facebook. Indeed, in the last two years the number of marketers who call Facebook “critical” or “important” to their online marketing has grown 83%. A quality social media campaign can increase user engagement with a site and help businesses project a friendlier image to their fans and followers.

The many facets of online marketing have to work together in order build an effective strategy. Any company wishing to grow can look into hiring online marketing experts to help them launch a campaign that will increase their visibility and help them get results. Helpful info also found here.


  1. Thank you for mentioning PPC as a viable assistant to SEO. Too many people think it’s one or the other.

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