What to Do if You See a Fire Tornado – Best Online Magazine

o, you will learn how to survive a fire tornado.

An blaze can rapidly spread into a catastrophe if the flame is large enough. They are then put out by courageous firefighters. In rare instances, fires of large size can produce deadly tornadoes of fire. The tornadoes develop as hot air rises rapidly in an updraft. The air on both sides is then pulled into the lower part of the air, which forms a vortex. The result is a tornado packed with suction force that is in full fire. Thankfully, these beasts are only a couple of seconds at a time. If you do find one, be aware of what to do.

The first step is to evacuate the space. Stay clear of the paths of flames or tornadoes. Stay outside. Also, you should put a wet cloth or clothing to cover your nose and mouth. This can help shield you from the smoke. Additionally, it is important to remain low to the ground as smoke can rise. Then, move to a secure area. If you’re trapped by burning flames, then perhaps a brick-built structure or an cultivated fields could be a solution. Get help quickly.


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