What Is a C14 Power Cord Secure Sleeve Adapter? – Customer Support Portal

er is a chord that helps make power connections to devices easy and safe. Thanks to its features, it’s capable of converting C13 power adapters to C14 sleeves and adapters. This increases your connections’ length, and improves conductivity of electrical energy. This lets you access all power equipment, which reduces the risk of damage or malfunction. The secure sleeve adapter is made of hardened, insulated plastic for enhanced safety. It also allows you to replace any cable. This video will show you how the upgraded and new C14 Sleeve adaptor functions and how it increases equipment functionality.

The c14 Power cord secure sleeves will eliminate weak links in the chain that may cause unreliable connections. This adapter offers additional insulation and a more reliable power supply. It is flexible and is compatible to power a wide range of devices. It also gives the power structure a professional look. The sleeve is utilized in IT, medical, as well as test equipment due to its long-lasting durability and attractive design. Due to its durability, it can be found in a variety of commercial equipment. This is the ideal device for you if need a reliable power system connector.


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