Three Tips for Hiring Better Sales Reps

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There are over 22 million sales professionals in North America alone. These men and women range from the best at what they do to being the very worst of the worst. Learning how to hire sales reps that fit in to your workplace as people as well as those that can earn your business money is, likely, one of the most important job recruitment firms perform for your business.

Consider, finding the best sales people is not always about finding someone with the best background or experience. It can be just as important to find someone with potential. Of course, that may lead to higher training costs. However, do you realize that hiring sales reps who are incompetent can cost your company six to 10 times a sales rep’s base salary?

The simple fact is whenever you hire someone, be it for a sales job or an HR position, you have to do what you can to protect your company’s reputation and financial well-being. Learning how to hire sales reps is a great step toward accomplishing both of those objectives.

  1. Look for Research Skills
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    The best recruits for a sales career are those people who have training or demonstrated aptitude in research. This will allow them to look into prospective business connections. This will also allow them to study the wants and needs of your business so they can better serve you. If you want to know how to hire sales reps with research ability, simply look at their resume. Backgrounds in history, business administration, sales, or related fields can all point to strong research skills.

  3. Are They Personable?
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    The most important skills your sales reps need to have are people skills. Consider what they will be doing; communicating with business contacts via phone and email. If your prospective hires lack strong communication skills, then this may not be the job for them.

    You also have to consider how well they present themselves to people. A warm smile and firm handshake can go a long way in sales meetings. If your prospects fail to do these things in their interviews, can you trust them to do so when company money is on the line?

  5. Do Your Research!
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    Lastly, learning how to hire sales reps is all about doing your own research. When you receive a resume from one of your prospective hires, do not simply glance over it and then toss it away. Look at their references and call them. Find out as much as you can about your potential employee. Resumes and interviews can be adjusted and even faked. By doing your research and calling references, you can find out the truth about a hire before they can do any damage to your reputation.

Learning how to hire sales reps is all about these three things. If your interviewees lack research and people skills, can you really afford the time and risk of hiring them? Follow up on your gut by doing your research. Doing so can be the difference between a great new employee and a painful new headache. For more information, read this website:

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