The Impact of Reefer Trucks on the Environment

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We are the caregivers to our planet, so it is up to us to take care of it. We need to be wary of any new piece of technology that may pollute our environment. That being said, as technology advances, our quality of life goes up, too. Somewhere along the line we need to strike a balance.

I write about this because I recently had to start looking into travel trailer rentals. My restaurant is going to travel to a few different festivals and food competitions in different cities and states and I need to make sure that everything stays cold and safe.

Little did I know, though, that trucking is actually a key trade facilitator. I totally underestimated how important trucks were, and found that there were loads of places who could help me out with travel trailer rentals. Apparently, about two thirds of Canada to Unite States trade moves by truck. This actually includes about 80 percent of all US exports to Canada, too. Plus, over the last several years, the sheer number of truck drivers has significantly increased (apart from the 2008 to 2009 recession, that is).

I talk about environmentalism when I talk about travel trailer rentals because the refrigerant called Freon used in a lot of old reefer trucks, which is a term for refrigerated trucks, is pretty hazardous to our Earth. However, what I learned about travel trailer rentals did put some of my fears at ease. Though there were a lot of trailers before 1966 that utilized Freon, numerous reefer owners have since converted these units to an environmentally friendly coolant knowns as R 134a.

But what if there were things that needed extra coolant? Can we R 134a still keep all that cool? Well ,the answer is to use a redundant refrigeration system, which consists of an integration of primary and back up refrigeration units. These are also used for hazardous materials that need to be kept cool, as well.

Honestly, to say that reefer trailers and travel trailer rentals have changed society for better is not an exaggeration at all. These allow people all over the world to enjoy all different kinds of fresh produce at any time of the year.

What do you think about travel trailer units? Do you think it is important that they be environmentally friendly? Have you ever had any experiences with travel trailer rentals?

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