The Benefits of a Wyoming Lifestyle

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The rustic yet majestic allure of the great American West has been beckoning travelers and residents for centuries. Lewis and Clark journeyed through these parts at the turn of the 19th century, and ever since their exploration began, other adventurers have been following suit.

Today, sportsmen and sportwoman, skiiers, and nature lovers alike are all drawn to the picturesque borders of Wyoming. Whether they are looking for a vacation, buying first home, a second home, or to completely relocate, the following are the top three reasons why we love Wyoming and Jackson Hole property for sale.

  1. Divine Nature
  2. Yellowstone National Park, Custer State Park, Devils Tower, the Grand Tetons, Old Faithful Geyser, the Bighorns, I could go on and on. Wyoming not only has seven national parks, but you are apt to see grizzly bear, too (if you are lucky).

  3. Life is Easy
  4. Wyoming produces most of its own natural energy, and as a result, there are low energy costs and tremendous tax breaks (for both individuals and businesses). As a matter of fact, the revenue from local energy and tourism is one of the reasons Wyoming has some of the lowest taxes and best funded public schools in the nation. It does not hurt that its crime rate is less than half the national average, too.

  5. Valuable Real Estate
  6. Whether you are buying first home, luxury log homes, Jackson hole ranches for sale, or simply a place to retire, Jackson Hole WY real estate is almost always a healthy investment. As of press time, the average listing price of Jackson Hole Wyoming real estate was nearly $2.5 million, which far surpasses the national average.


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