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The largest sources of income in Wyoming are tourism and mineral extraction. This means that citizens and businesses benefit from the low tax burden. In fact, the state of Wyoming has no income and corporate tax. This makes it one of the best places in the country to live and to have a business. Moreover, Wyoming is a wonderful state to live. Jackson Hole for example, boasts of having seven national parks. And in 2011, these parks had about 5,982,465 visitors. And among all the Rocky Mountain ski resorts, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort has the lowest elevation, having only about 6,311 feet. So to help you find the right home, here are tips and advice on buying a home, particularly for those who are first time buying home. These home buying tips will help you find the right home, especially if you are thinking of buying one in Wyoming.

The most important home buying tip that anyone should always remember and do first is to make sure that you know exactly what you can afford. For example, as of the week ending October 24, 2012, the average listing of for sale homes in Jackson, WY was $2,401,875. Now before you decide to purchase a home, you should compute how much you can actually afford and not how much you can borrow. You may for example be able to buy that $2 million plus home because you have been approved but what you have to remember is that you do not want to be house poor, and you certainly do not want foreclosure. As such, in buying a home, do all the computation and then buy a home that is even way below what you can actually afford.

Second home buying tip that you should know is that home buying process is a complicated process. As such, you need help buying a home and the best help you can get is by having a real estate agent. A real estate agent will help you find a good property that is within your budget. He will also be able to handle all the negotiations. And most importantly when it comes to the actual sale, he will make sure that everything is in order and legal. So, once you know your budget, the next thing that you should do is to to find a reputable and licensed Wyoming real estate agent.

Another important home buying tip is to have a home buying checklist. You may be excited to go out there and look at the available properties but do not forget this home buying tip. You should have a home buying checklist that would include all the things that you need for your new home. This will help you find the right home instead of buying one because it is beautiful or because it has wonderful features. In short, this will help you remain objective. So before you go out there remember this home buying tip. Get more here. Learn more at this link. Find out more here.


  1. You are right but I guess it is better to have a home for years than suffer foreclosure.

  2. You are right but I guess it is better to have a home for years than suffer foreclosure.

  3. You are right but I guess it is better to have a home for years than suffer foreclosure.

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