Knowing Your Options for Phoenix Windshield Fixes

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Glass applications have been around for a long time. The first use of glass for windows was with the ancient Romans. Times have changed since the days of the Praetorian Guard, and so too has glass. Now glass applications are found everywhere from homes and automobiles, to phones. So it is about time that we finally found ways of fixing our glass windows and windshields. If you are looking for glass windshield repair in Phoenix, then finding help will not be too hard.

The key to glass windshield repair is to know what you need. So here are some keys to glass windshield repair success that will help you find the perfect Phoenix auto glass repair service for your job.

Original car windshields were made of plate glass, which would shatter immediately upon impact with just about anything. For safety reasons, this shatter ready design was replaced by laminate glass that could be fit into the window. Today’s laminated glass is actually two pieces laid over each other with a piece of polyvinyl butyral, or PVB, in between. The addition of PVB and lamination gives windshields greater resistance to ware and tare.

Not only is laminate glass more safe, it can make repair your glass a quick fix alternative to a full on replacement. The first step to finding the help you need is knowing whether all you need is auto class crack repair. Automobile glass repair can be done at a shop, just like replacing the entire piece, but it will often cost less and take less time.

Glass repair will usually work when the the crack or divot is small. A fixable crack will be no larger than a dollar bill. If a crack or divot is too deep, then it will not be repaired successfully. If you decide that repair is the right option for you, then check with your auto insurance provider and ask if they will cover the cost. Because providers would rather you fix a crack than replace the glass they are likely to help you pay of these costs.

When repairing is no longer and option, finding good Phoenix windshield replacement services is your next best option. Glass windshield repair can cost about $200 and up. Again, when considering the price of a windshield fix, call your insurance company. Before you call your insurance company, know your policy. If you file a claim for a windshield replacement and the cost does not meet the standards for your decidable then you are better off paying out of pocket and not risking your current monthly rate.

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