Kentucky Blue Cars (and Other Colors, Too)

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In most areas of the United States, the easiest, fastest and most efficient way to get from one place to another is to drive there. Many people who are of legal driving age own or drive cars. For most people, buying a car is a major expense and new cars are not always affordable.

There are some good used cars available, but it is important to do some research and to know exactly what you are getting. For those who are in the market for used cars Pikeville KY and the surrounding area has some good options. Many Americans enjoy the freedom fords or hondas can give them on the open road.

The Ford Motor Company was started in 1903, in a converted factory. In 1916 the model T fords accounted for more than half of all the cars in the world. Ford was started with twelve investors, who had contributed a total of 28,000 in cash. The most notable of the investors were John and Horace Dodge, who later founded their own automobile company.

Driving a car is not that difficult, but there are many precautions to take and things to be aware of. Whether they are driving a ford or a honda or some other type of car, the average driver will swear about 32,000 times while behind the wheel of a car. Every minute in the United States, there are around 65 traffic tickets issued.

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