Is There Such a Thing as High Quality, Affordable Childcare?

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In the past couple of decades, several studies have been concluded that children who attended high quality preschool programs were more successful and content later in life than were their peers who never benefited from early childhood education. A good childcare program makes it possible for children to learn the requisite social skills that are necessary for future well being. Children can benefit from childcare programs that provide an educational enrichment component in subjects such as math and reading. Yet, how to choose the right childcare program is not something arrived at easily. Many parents are unsure of how to choose the right daycare center with an appropriate childcare curriculum.

Because the U.S. government requires all daycare centers to meet certain standards and guidelines, strong early childhood education programs can be found in many different environments, for example, private daycare centers, corporate daycare, and home based child care. However, some areas in the United States have more high quality child care centers than others. New York has the highest number of child care facilities. What matters most in terms of how to choose the right childcare is that the teachers and caregivers are experienced, well trained, and love children. For children aged 3 and 4, play is the best way to encourage learning. Seeking out a program that encourages curious young children is an excellent way of figuring out how to find a good daycare.

One problem experiences by many families is that high quality childcare is expensive. On average, the annual cost for childcare in the U.S. is between $4,600 U.S. and $22,200 per child, which makes good childcare out of reach for so many families. There is some financial aid available to help parents defray the costs of preschool. As well, writing off day care expenses on your Federal taxes is a good way to save money on your childcare costs. With these financial pluses available to you, it should be easier to figure out how to choose the right childcare program. More on this topic:

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