Install Walk In Bath Tubs for Safety

Walk in tubs

You may be remodeling your bathroom to accommodate the needs of a family member who may require walk in bath tubs. You probably will not need one that was as large as the one used by President William Taft. He was the largest President of the United States, weighing in at 332 pounds. In fact, he once got stuck in a tub in the White House, and subsequently had a larger one installed.

For more than 35 years, walk in bath tubs have been found in Europe. These walk in bath tubs are now becoming increasingly popular in the United States. You may think that you do not have the space to install one of these tubs; however, walk in bath tubs do not usually take up any more space that a traditional bathtub.

Walk in bath tubs feature doors that open outward and include a seal that will eliminate any potential leaks. Walk in bath tubs also have seating that will help with bathing. Additionally, some walk in bath tubs have hydrotherapy systems that can ease aches and pains.

When doing your remodel to include a walk in bathtub, you may also want to include other bathroom safety features. If you are remodeling to accommodate a wheelchair, you may need to add additional space so that the person can comfortably maneuver the chair. Installing a higher than normal sink can help a person in a walker. The added height will allow the person to use the sink without having to bend over. Another feature you may want to add are grab bars around the toilet. Grab bars are also a good idea around walk in bath tubs to add extra safety measures.

It is a good idea to consult with a bathroom designer or remodeling specialist. This will ensure that you include all necessary safety features that will help create a safe bathroom space. During this consultation, you can determine if you do have room for walk in tubs, or a wheelchair accessible shower. Ensuring that you have all the safety measure in place will give you the peace of mind that your loved one with disabilities will have a safe bathroom space.
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