How to Renovate a Kitchen

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One of the biggest undertakings that homeowners can invest in is the redesign of a kitchen. How to renovate a kitchen can be made even more daunting by having to redesign for a small kitchen. With a great redesign strategy and some helpful hints on what to put where, a small kitchen redesign can turn into the most valuable asset a home has to offer. Here are the ideas about how to renovate a kitchen that bring your small space from cluttered drab to organized splendor.

One of the first things to think about when considering how to renovate a kitchen is return on investment. An updated kitchen is one of the most sought after amenities on the housing market today. Therefore, successful small kitchen renovations will be motivated by both the homeowners individual preferences and those aspects of a great kitchen that most buyers will be seeking.

These days, the average kitchen is between two hundred and three hundred square feet and is an important consideration about how to renovate a kitchen. For some kitchens, knocking out a wall and creating an open floor plan is a possibility when considering how to renovate a kitchen. For others, these sorts of kitchen extension hacks are not such a good idea. But, there are other options. In all of these options designing for functionality and efficiency is paramount.

Studies have shown that the three most used appliances in the kitchen are the sink, stove, and refrigerator. More studies show that creating a workspace triangle with these three most used appliances sharing a corner together can save between 12 and 23 square feet. This saved space can then be devoted to cabinetry, custom countertops and other kitchen essentials. This is an important tip about how to renovate a kitchen.

Using custom kitchen cabinetry is another leading way to make the most of available space when thinking of how to renovate a kitchen. One popular option used in all kitchens to save space is the addition of a slim, pull out spice rack. By devoting a few inches of horizontal cabinet or drawer space to an organized space for spices, homeowners can save square feet in cabinet space.

Another one of those how to renovate a kitchen ideas for small kitchens that is growing in popularity is the building for green optimization. The National Home Builders Association has stated that the green building market increased 15% between the years of 2005 and 2011. That number has only risen since.

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