High Quality Childcare Translates to Adult Success

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Did you know that more than 11 million American kids are sent to daycare programs? This may seem cruel to people who think parents should stay home with their kids, but childcare can be good for them. Not only do day care programs get children used to schedules and other things that prepare them for school, but it is encourages healthy social development.

It seems like families that cannot support themselves on one income lament the fact that they do not have the luxury of one parent staying home with young children. Although this can be beneficial for the first one to two years of a child’s like, after the age of two most children are better off if their parents enroll them in daycare or preschool programs. Whether its preschool in Port St. John FL or Port Au Prince, research shows that children in professional day care programs tend to thrive more than their fellow homeboys and homegirls.

According to recent statistics compiled by the United States department of Education, child who are placed in high qualify child care programs are 25% to 30% more likely to end up with a college degree. This is because children who are kept home under the constant watch of helicopter moms are slower in acquiring the social skills and confidence needed to flourish in a world where appearance and social interaction are valued more than intelligence, education, experience, and skills.

Actually, when parents place their children in a good childcare program, the process is more painful for the parent than it is for the child. In addition to gaining more confidence and independence, children who attend childcare programs tend to display way better self esteem that children from poor families who cannot afford lofty daycare program costs.

If you consider yourself a caring parent, placing your kid in a top child care program can make a world of difference. While your parental instinct makes you feel like daycare is the equivalent of abandoning your child, statistics show that you could not be more wrong.
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