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Longshore harbor workers compensation

Did you know there is a program that is similar to workers compensation that provides benefits to longshoremen, maritime workers, and other such job classifications? This program is part of the Defense Base Act. This benefits program is also known as the Division of Longshore and Harbor Workers Compensation Program.

This compensation program covers and provides benefits to certain classifications of civilians who are employed on military facilities on foreign locations. There are many different workers and eligibility requirements that may need the services of a Defense Base Act attorney. The Defense Base Act is part of the Merchant Seaman Protection and Relief Act of 1920. This federal Act was designed to provide benefits similar to workers compensation for people who may be injured or killed during employment as a longshoreman or other such job.

A Defense Base Act attorney can help the nearly 155,000 contractors in Iraq and Afghanistan alone understand the program. There are many thousands more of these employees who are supporting military operations around the world, who may need the services of a Defense Base Act Attorney.

There are thousands of cases that fall under this Longshore Act, and this is a prime reason why you may need a Defense Base Act attorney. This Defense Base Act attorney can determine your eligibility and handle your claim. You will want to make sure that you get those benefits for which you are entitled.

Benefit payments made under this program are usually paid through insurance carriers. In addition, there are certain death benefits that are part of this compensation act. A Defense Base Act attorney will help survivors obtain up to $3,000 in funeral costs, as well as survivor benefits.

There are other people covered under this plan that are not necessarily longshoremen or maritime workers making maritime claims, yet may seek the advice of a DBA attorney. People who are covered, and may also need the services of a Defense Base Act attorney, include those who work for organizations such as the USA and the American Red Cross.

Navigating the eligibility and claims process may be confusing, especially if you have been denied benefits for which you feel you are qualified. Finding a good Defense Base Act attorney can help you get through the processes and get the benefits you deserve.

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