Finding Home in Utah’s Dixie

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Falling in love with with a fly over state, like Utah, might seem like an outlandish idea. But only until you have landed there yourself. This same perspective is especially true of the Utah’s Dixie, St. George, Utah. St. George is the oasis of hollywood lore. Upon touching down, the first thing anyone would notice about St. George is how green it is. This little city’s big oasis offers all of the extreme recreation that a seasoned rock climber or horse back rider could ask for, while providing 21st century amenities like golf courses, fine dining, spas and luxury homes.

After realizing that canyoneering and theater are just the beginning of what St. George has to offer, many are glad they chose not to fly over. In fact, some are so glad, they decide to stay. Located in the southwest corner of Utah, St. George has a population of 75,561 and rising.

Joining Utah’s dixie as a new luxury home owner can be easier than you may think.

There are two sure fire ways to get into a St. George home. A prudent St. George real estate property search should begin one of two places. Fist home seekers can look at either with looking mls listings, because the multiple listing service offers some of the homes on the market with their certified real estate mls homes brand. The second of these two great options is to look up foreclosed homes.

Buying foreclosed homes comes with a distinct advantage. These homes are priced to sell. When banks foreclose on a home, they do not want to be shouldering the costs of maintaining that home for very long. This results in listings that are well below the price of homes in the area’s housing market. By purchasing foreclosed property, it is possible to get luxury homes for a fraction of their regular cost.

When buying, realtors can help prospective locals get a feel for both the housing market, and the gorgeous oasis that is St. George Utah. Luxury homes on the banks of golf courses overlook pristine greens set on a red rock back drop. Witnessing the stunning contrast between manicured golf course greens and the surrounding red and black rock formations will be sure to close the deal on one of St. George’s golf side luxury homes.

Not only can your new home be on one of St. George’s dozen golf courses, it will be in the backyard of one of the nation’s most renowned national parks, Zion National Park, just a two hour drive away from Las Vegas, and 300 miles from Salt Lake City. Get more on this here.


  1. I have never been here, but I have been to zion and I’ve gotta say, I fell in love with the south west then. I must have been an hr away from St. George.

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