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There are many complicated and exciting processes at once. The thought of having a baby is thrilling. There are also the worries about what’s in store for the future. The following information will let you learn about in-vitro fertilization, so that you’re well-prepared for your journey to parenthood.

IVF is an extremely labor-intensive and lengthy process that demands numerous hospitalizations for ovary stimulations, ultrasounds and bloodwork. When the ovaries are stimulated, the physician will then remove the ova, and fertilize it using sperms taken from the laboratory partner. In the three-to-five days following fertilization, the doctor places one or two embryos into the uterus. Following about two weeks of gestation, the doctor checks whether the process worked.

Other side effects from this procedure are breast tenderness and cramping in the chest, shortness and dizziness nausea, breath and stomach swelling. This process has a high risk of premature labor. The possibility of congenital disability is also a concern for IVF-born babies. Watch the video above to know more about IVF.


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