Everything You Need to Know about Gold and Diamonds

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Gold and diamonds are two of the most sought after and desired substances on Earth. Prized for their beauty and coveted for their value, both of these substances have long played a part in human society. From wholesale diamonds, to gold coins for sale, these two substances are everywhere in today’s world.

While gold has been cherished by humans for centuries, it was not till 1848, when gold was discovered in Sutter’s Mill, California, setting off the California gold rush, that gold mining took off. Since then, 90% of all the gold in circulation has been mined. Strangely enough, while gold mining occurs on land, the greatest reservoirs of gold are in the oceans. However, extracting the gold would cost more than the gold is worth. Still, there is plenty of gold in places where humans can extract it. Take Victoria, Australia, for example, where a 172 pound gold nugget, the largest ever, was found in 1869.

While gold is used in jewelry, it can also be traded as a commodity. Before the invention of fiat currency, gold was often used to buy goods and services. Today, gold sales can be indicative of the state of the economy, just like the price of crude oil. There are many companies that specialize in gold sales for people looking to invest. You can even buy gold online.

Just like gold, diamonds are similarly appreciated by humans. One reason is because of the stunning beauty diamonds possess. This has made diamonds a favorite for use in jewelry, especially engagement rings. This tradition began when the Archduke Maximilian of Austria proposed to Mary of Burgundy with a ring set with diamonds in the shape of the letter “M.” Of course, not all diamonds end up in jewelry. Diamonds are also prized for their hardness and are used for a variety of industrial purposes. Find out more here.

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