Drunk Driving What Can Happen?

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The consequences of driving drunk can be severe. In Ohio, the term OVI (operating a vehicle under the influence) is generally used and is equivalent to the term DUI in other states. Here, we’ll look at the drunk driving consequences in the state of Ohio, though they can sometimes be mitigated by drunk driving defense or impaired driving lawyers.

What is an OVI?

If you’re under the age of 21, you need blood alcohol content percentage of .02% for an OVI charge. Those over 21 can be charged with OVI for a BAC of .08%, and commercial drivers are charged for BAC of .04%. For reference, a 160 pound person would need about four drinks to reach a BAC of .08%, though that isn’t an absolute. There are many factors that can effect blood alcohol content.

Consequences for Refusing a Chemical Test

Though you have the right to refuse to answer self-incriminating questions like, “Have you been drinking?” and “Are you drunk?”, Ohio has an implied consent law that means you can be subject to fines and license suspension if you refuse a chemical test. A first offense results in a one year license suspension. A second results in a two year suspension and a third results in a three year suspension.

Drunk Driving Consequences

A conviction of DUI in Ohio can result in jail time from between three days to six months and license suspension for anywhere from six months to three years. Fines can also be required, ranging from $250 to %1000. Another consequence is the addition of points on your license. Even a first offense can result in up to six points on your license.

What if I’m Charged with OVI?

As soon as you’re pulled over for OVI, get in touch with a drunk driving defense attorney. He or she can help you ameliorate the situation, possibly helping you to either avoid or significantly diminish the legal drunk driving consequences. The most proactive way to avoid the consequences of drunk driving, however, is to avoid driving under the influence. If you’re feeling the effects, it’s better to find another way home. Read more like this.

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