Direct Mailing Companies That Offer Custom Postcards Can Be Hired by Businesses That are Looking to Grab Attention and Gain New Leads

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In the world of business, success is dependent almost entirely on how well known a business is. If not many people are aware of a business, then obviously not many people will use that business. Ways to gain exposure and maintain the interest of those who do discover a business are constantly being sought. Methods of marketing are being utilized constantly by all businesses, so in order to truly stand out, a business must present something unique. To help businesses stand out and potentially gain new leads, direct mailing companies are creating customized postcards that can offer a unique method of marketing.

Postcards have existed for quite a long time and have served many purposes over the years. In 1870, the first known printed picture postcard was made at Camp Conlie in France, which was a training camp for Franco Prussian war soldiers. Twenty three years later in 1893, the first souvenir postcard ever printed in the United States was made to advertise the Worlds Columbian Exposition in Chicago. Later, in the 1920s, a popular trend of postcards was the “saucy seaside” variety, which would often feature risque images or bawdy, off color jokes.

In the 1960s and 70s, there was a shift from using postcards to commemorate holidays or deliver jokes in favor of announcing the openings of new freeways or industrial parks. This could be seen as an early variation of business postcards, since the intention was to promote something. Direct mailing companies implement this strategy with their services of custom postcard printing. Since postcards or any kind of direct mail is scarce now because of email, customers may be likely to be drawn to the uniqueness of a business that markets with the use of a customized postcard. References.


  1. that makes sense to me. i think if i got a postcard from a business i would certainly be more inclined to pay attention than if it was an email.

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