Cosmetic Dentistry Services

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Cosmetic dentistry services will vary by the problem that you are experiencing. A good smile is an important social and business asset, and having one that you enjoy seeing in the mirror can also help you to feel better. If you have damaged or noticeably discolored teeth, cosmetic dentistry services may be able to help you to restore your smile.

Some cosmetic dentistry services are simple, quick, and easy, while others require more work, but produce the longest lasting results. Teeth whitening is a popular and common procedure. If your teeth are mildly discolored, this is probably the best kind of treatment for you. In most teeth whitening procedures, peroxide based chemicals will be applied to your teeth to bleach them and to removed stains, giving them a brighter and whiter appearance. Successful whitening often takes several treatments. However, if you have deeply discolored or pitted teeth, peroxide based whitening probably will not be enough to remove the stains on your teeth. In this case, porcelain veneers may be necessary. Veneers actually replace the front surfaces of your teeth with a bright white porcelain laminate that is permanently affixed to the front of your teeth.

If you are actually missing entire teeth, dental implants will be the solution for you. What are dental implants? Dental implants are artificial teeth that are custom crafted for your mouth and permanently fitted into the sockets of your missing teeth. Unlike dentures, they last a lifetime and are cared for and cleaned like your natural teeth. This is one of the most permanent cosmetic dentistry procedures, so though it may cost more than others, you will get the longest lasting product for your money. Other cosmetic dentistry services will need periodic maintenance and work to keep their appearance, but dental implants permanently replace missing teeth. Continue your research here.

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