Consider Camo Wedding Ideas

Camo pants

Did you know that the word camouflage is actually derived from the French word camoufler, meaning “to blind or veil?” While camouflage is actually a defense mechanism used by many creatures in the natural world (squid, for example, can change their color to blend in with their surroundings) the military camouflage that we are so familiar with today was developed by the French during World War I. And interestingly, the tan and brown camouflage pattern used in desert environments was developed in 1962 during the Arab Israeli conflicts but was not often used until the Gulf War.Today, camouflage is commonly utilized by soldiers, military vehicles, hunters and other objects or people to blend with their environment, or to make them resemble something else.

And camouflage isn’t just of practical value; today it is used in a plethora of consumer products. Camouflage, often abbreviated as camo, is utilized in a whole host of different environments, from camo wedding ideas to camo baby bedding to camo bathing suits, among many other things. Camo wedding ideas can be especially fun, an interesting way to add a unique flair to your wedding.

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