Bolts, Clamps, and Gears Fuel Car and Aircraft Production

Vibration pads

Did you know that magnets, pumps, bolts, bearings, and clamps all work together to create today’s automobiles, aircraft, spacecrafts, and more? Keeping production safe and precise relies on industrial equipment and machinery staying in place. Likewise, the right tools are necessary to give cars, air craft, farming, and construction vehicles the necessary get up and go. What parts and equipment are responsible for the production of your car, and what mechanisms go into getting you to and from work?

Destaco Magnets, Bolts, and Clamps

Vehicle production requires precision, accuracy, and stability. The right industrial tools and equipment keep workers safe, and reduce the likelihood of injury mid-production. The same tools can prevent the manufacture of faulty auto parts, too.

Lifting magnets, for example, dramatically reduce production injuries. Lifting magnets use relatively low magnetic fields to do a lot of heavy lifting, or move heavy weight metals with precision and accuracy. From there, clamps keep machinery and parts secure during the fastening process. Popular manufacturers, like Destaco, offer a wide variety of clamps, including Destaco toggle clamps and pneumatic clamps. All of these clamps strive to offer workers the necessary range of movement, while securing parts and equipment into place. Finally, fasteners, including carriage bolts, attach individual elements and parts into a unified whole. Carriage bolts, dating back to 1869 and made from zinc, steel, and stainless steel, are typically used to hold together structures, like sheds and decks. The same bolts and principles, however, can be used to fasten automobile and aircraft parts.

Bearings and Pumps

It is pretty obvious that putting a vehicle together is not enough. Once automobiles, aircraft, and farming vehicles are produced, they must also have the mechanisms and systems to function properly. A simple and inexpensive flange bearing, for example, can help keep trains on their tracks.

Hydraulic gear pumps, on the other hand, usually consist of at least two parts, running along a series of ridges or teeth. This motion introduces energy into hydraulic cylinders simply and effectively, and hydraulic gear pumps are often considered one of the most cost-effective types of machinery.

Getting to and from work, or powering airplanes, construction vehicles, and spacecrafts, takes a lot more than you think. Destaco toggle clamps, magnets, and bolts keep production safe, and bearings and pumps offer energy efficient, effective use. More:

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