Are You Getting All the News You Need in St Louis?

Ch 4 news

Channel four news in St Louis, known to some as KMOV 4 news, has a number of online features that are worth checking out if you usually only get your news from the television. If there are days when you do not have time to check the news before you go into work, or if your TV connection is down, then you can rely on the KMOV 4 website for all your news needs. Breaking news, weather, and videos are all at your fingertips.

  • Breaking news.
  • The breaking news St Louis has seen in recent days is largely focused on local happenings, from bank robberies and car accidents, to the taking of two firefighters into custody for alleged arsons in St. Francois County. Channel 4 breaking news is easy to find on the KMOV 4 news home page. You could learn more about the developments in the suicide of the 12 year old girl in Florida, and the documents recently released on the Jonbenet Ramsey case.

  • Weather.
  • Thanks to the weather channel 4 reports, you never have to wonder what the commute is going to be like on your drive home from work in the evenings. KMOV 4 news covers what the weather will be like for the next twelve hours, and also has plenty of interactive radars, maps, cameras, and severe weather alerts to keep you informed. One interesting feature is the storm chaser interactive map, which shows where individual storm chasers are. This map allows you to look at tornado, hail, and wind probability as well as hurricane information.

  • Videos.
  • Even if you were unable to catch TV channel 4 you can still get video online. Recent featured video coverage includes adorable baby costumes for this upcoming Halloween holiday, and crimes caught on camera, like a man stealing a flat screen television from a dentist office. Sports fans will be especially pleased with recent World Series game commentary available online, in video clip format.

Relying on a well-timed news broadcast is no longer necessary as long as you have the internet and a mobile device or a computer. If you live in St. Louis and want breaking news, weather alerts, and informative videos even if you are not at home, then KMOV 4 has the information online, and ready to access.

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