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Are You Getting All the News You Need in St Louis?

Ch 4 news

Channel four news in St Louis, known to some as KMOV 4 news, has a number of online features that are worth checking out if you usually only get your news from the television. If there are days when you do not have time to check the news before you go into work, or if your TV connection is down, then you can rely on the KMOV 4 website for all your news needs. Breaking news, weather, and videos are all at your fingertips.

  • Breaking news.
  • The breaking news St Louis has seen in recent days is largely focused on local happenings, from bank robberies and car accidents, to the taking of two firefighters into custody for alleged arsons in St. Francois County. Channel 4 breaking news is easy to find on the KMOV 4 news home page. You could learn more about the developments in the suicide of the 12 year old gir

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